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Europe's enchanting castles: 

A royal journey awaits! Embark on an exploration of the continent's most captivating castles that combine history, architecture, and fantasy.  Get ready to step into a world frozen in time and immerse yourself in the opulence and grandeur of bygone eras.

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Tower of London 

 England's iconic fortress with a rich history of royalty, imprisonment, and treasures. 

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Windsor Castle 

A royal residence steeped in history, boasting magnificent state apartments and stunning gardens.

Edinburgh Castle 

Scotland's crown jewel perched atop the hills, offering breathtaking views of the city. 

Château de Versailles

France’s extravagant palace of Louis XIV, known for its sprawling gardens and opulent interiors 

Château de Chambord 

Renaissance elegance in the Loire Valley, featuring stunning architecture and a majestic double helix staircase 

A mystical abbey fortress rising from the sea, captivating visitors with its medieval charm 

Mont Saint-Michel 

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Alhambra Palace 

A Moorish marvel in Granada, Spain, showcasing stunning Islamic architecture and enchanting gardens. 

Neuschwanstein Castle 

A Bavarian fairytale come to life, nestled amidst picturesque landscapes and inspiring Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Portugal’s colorful  hilltop retreat, blending various architectural styles and offering panoramic views of Sintra. 

Pena Palace 

Germany’s hidden gem, an enchanting medieval castle surrounded by picturesque landscapes and forests.

Burg Eltz 

Hohenschwangau Castle 

A romantic refuge with breathtaking views, located near Neuschwanstein Castle and surrounded by the beauty of the Bavarian Alps 


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Schönbrunn Palace 

Austria’s imperial masterpiece in Vienna, boasting stunning Baroque architecture, lavish gardens, and the world’s oldest zoo. 


Europe’s largest ancient castle complex, dominating the Prague skyline and offering panoramic views of the city 

Prague Castle 

Český Krumlov Castle 


Bohemian charm in a UNESCO town, featuring exquisite frescoes, gardens, and a stunning Baroque theater 


Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle 

Poland’s symbol of national pride, home to centuries of Polish royalty and featuring Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements 


Malbork Castle 

Europe’s largest brick Gothic fortress, showcasing impressive medieval architecture and housing a museum of medieval artifacts 


Buda Castle 

Budapest’s regal landmark, overlooking the Danube River and showcasing a blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. 


Eger Castle 

Defending Hungary through centuries, this fortress offers panoramic views and a rich history of battles and sieges 


Bran Castle 

The mythical abode of Count Dracula, perched high in the Transylvanian Alps and surrounded by folklore and Gothic charm 


Peleș Castle 

A Neo-Renaissance gem nestled in the Carpathians, boasting exquisite architecture, opulent interiors, and stunning mountain scenery 

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