Trekking in the Mawlynnong Village: Exploring the Cleanest Village in Asia


Mawlynnong village, a small village nestled in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, holds the prestigious title of being the “Cleanest Village in Asia.” Beyond its cleanliness, Mawlynnong offers a pristine natural landscape and warm hospitality that beckons adventure seekers and nature lovers. In this blog, we invite you to embark on a trekking expedition in Mawlynnong, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the village, witness its sustainable practices, and explore the surrounding breathtaking landscapes.


Introduction to Mawlynnong:

Discover the allure of Mawlynnong, often referred to as “God’s Own Garden.” Learn about the village’s commitment to cleanliness, eco-tourism, and preserving its natural heritage.

Mawlynnong, acclaimed as the cleanest village in Asia, is a hidden gem nestled in the pristine landscapes of Meghalaya, India. This charming village has gained worldwide recognition for its exceptional cleanliness and environmental consciousness. Mawlynnong boasts meticulously maintained streets, spotless houses, and a well-organized waste management system that sets it apart from other villages.

The villagers take immense pride in keeping their surroundings clean and have instilled a strong sense of responsibility towards maintaining the village’s pristine condition. Besides cleanliness, Mawlynnong captivates visitors with its lush greenery, blooming flower gardens, and unique living root bridges that have become iconic attractions. The warm hospitality of the locals adds to the allure of the village, as they welcome visitors and offer insights into their eco-friendly practices.

Travelers to Mawlynnong can experience the harmonious blend of nature and community-driven initiatives aimed at preserving the environment. From eco-tourism initiatives to sustainable practices, Mawlynnong stands as a shining example of how a small community can inspire the world with its commitment to cleanliness and conservation.

A visit to Mawlynnong is an opportunity to witness a remarkable village that demonstrates the transformative power of environmental consciousness and serves as an inspiration for sustainable living.



Trekking Trails in Mawlynnong:


Living Root Bridge Trek:

Embark on a trek to explore the living root bridges of Mawlynnong and the nearby Riwai village. Traverse through dense forests, bamboo groves, and picturesque landscapes as you make your way to these natural wonders.

Balancing Rock Trek:

Embark on a trek to witness the iconic balancing rock, a massive boulder delicately perched on a small rock. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings and capture stunning photographs of this unique geological formation.

Viewpoint Trek:

Hike up to a panoramic viewpoint to behold the mesmerizing vistas of Mawlynnong and its surrounding landscapes. Feast your eyes on lush greenery, rolling hills, and quaint villages dotting the horizon.

Nature and Village Exploration:

Natural Pools and Waterfalls:

Discover hidden natural pools and waterfalls near Mawlynnong, where you can take refreshing dips in crystal-clear waters. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of these natural oases and enjoy the serene ambiance.

Village Walks:

Take leisurely walks through Mawlynnong’s clean and well-maintained streets, interacting with friendly villagers and observing their way of life. Experience the warmth of the local community and learn about their sustainable practices.

Experiencing Sustainable Living:

Community-Based Tourism:

Engage in community-based tourism initiatives in Mawlynnong, supporting local initiatives and sustainable development. Stay in homestays to experience the village’s hospitality and gain a deeper understanding of their eco-friendly practices.

Organic Farm Visits:

Visit organic farms in Mawlynnong, where you can learn about traditional farming techniques and the importance of sustainable agriculture in the village’s way of life. Taste fresh and organic produce straight from the fields.

Recommendations for Trekking in Mawlynnong:


  • Respect the village’s cleanliness by adhering to the waste management practices and keeping the surroundings litter-free.
  • Wear comfortable trekking shoes, carry sufficient water, and be prepared for changing weather conditions during your treks.
  • Follow the instructions of local guides and prioritize safety during your hiking and exploration activities.

In conclusion, Mawlynnong offers a unique blend of eco-tourism, adventure, and sustainable living. By embarking on a trekking adventure in this cleanest village in Asia, you can witness the pristine beauty of the region, engage with the local community, and contribute to the conservation efforts of this remarkable destination.

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